The time I was looking to lease an office


If you thought that choosing an office space that you intend to rent is just a matter of one day and you will be done, think again. you must keep at least a month to a quarter of a year ear marked only for visiting the sites and then also trying to compare each of the properties that you have seen and try to zero in on the best one based on your prerogatives and also your company's short term and long term goals.

Why should you give so much inch space to your place of work?

When you decide to have an office or a commercial space to set up your business organisation and processes, you are proclaiming to the world your own physical identity. It is the outward expression of your company's goals and objects and that is why it is important that it be good. A lot of companies spend lavishly on their office spaces and their interiors. This is because they like to show that they are really good at what they do; that they take their job seriously and also that they are so professional that they take care to be presentable to their clientele at all times.


I have personally visited offices that are so well decorated that as a client I always felt reassured about their reputation. On the contrary, if I were to visit an office with bad interiors, peeling wall plaster, worn carpets and bad furniture, it would definitely make me think twice before I strike a deal with them.

See the connection? As humans, we are always looking for signs beyond the surface to intuitively make big decisions and the way the office space is done is one of the chief determinants in today's times.

The direct relation:

There is no doubt in the fact that the place of business is definitely important in co relation to the business. Therefore, it is eminent that you do not make any mistakes in choosing it.



You must be right the very first time. Take your own time in arriving at the decision but make sure it is a reasoned one. Changing business places too often and within a short gap will mean loss of business from a lot of your patrons. There is some kind of confusion that is created if your office space keeps moving from one place to another. It shows in the lack of consistency and that can be dangerous to your business's bottom line.

A reality check:

Before you decide which place is going to be yours, here are a few pointers you may want to check out: Visit all the offices for rent.Make a detailed note of all the offers that you have in hand. The area of the place, the rent asked and also any other striking feature that you notice about the place. A detailed assessment of the places is much easier when you have everything in black and white.


The term of the lease is equally important. Owners generally prefer a five year lease. If you are expecting a sure size up of business you may want to keep the lease period reasonably short so that you can vacate to move to a bigger place.

Right of pre emption is another option. If you would like to expand in the same property, you may try and include a clause in the rent agreement about the pre-empery right or the right of first preference to be given to you if an adjacent property is getting vacated to be leased out.

The distance from your key employee's residences is one other thing to determine when you want to set up a shop. Also, your clients must be able to access your new place without any initial hiccups. Ample open parking is another boon for customer stream to be maintained.

Make sure that the lease is entered into without any hidden costs on the property. Sometimes, the property is in need of urgent facelift or refurbishment and it can get heavy on your pockets if you sign on the dotted lines before proper scrutiny and verification.

Caveat Emptor clause will definitely be binding on you. You need to be absolutely sure of what you are getting into. You will not be allowed to cry hoarse if you are found to be wanting in your investigation. This is why it is so important that you thoroughly scrutinize your prospective workplace before entering into a legal agreement.