Reasons You Should Develop The Skill Of Public Speaking

In surveys, one of the number one fears people have is public speaking. In fact, some fear it more than death itself. With a substantial amount of people being so afraid to stand up in front of others and speak, then how could it be possible that it would be beneficial? We will answer that question by taking a look at reasons you should develop the skill of public speaking.

Facing The Fear

The very fact that so many people are terrified of public speaking is one reason that you should learn to do it. Facing our fears in life builds character and helps us to be successful in many different areas. When we fight through the fear and we face it head-on and ultimately overcome it we will give experience great pride. From that pride comes power.

Get A Big Boost In Self-Confidence

The practice of facing your deepest fears and overcoming them not only significantly boost self-confidence but in time you’ll actually become better at it. As you do you will be more confident in all areas of your life because you’re not deterred by fear. The satisfaction of standing up and talking confidently in front of a large group of people and having them maintain their attention to what it is you are saying will boost your confidence in ways that other things simply cannot.

Open Yourself Up To Opportunities

When you are able to confidently speak in front of others and to engage their attention and entertain them, this will bring many different opportunities into your life. This activity makes you more visible and that means that important people will see you and recognize you and this provides that added chance to have opportunities come into your life. Public speaking makes you more credible. In many people’s eyes, you will be seen as an expert.

Increase Your Personal Power

As your ability grows to speak in front of others your power to influence them will grow with it. As that power grows so too will your personal power. Most leaders have this type of personal power. People discount the attainment of this personal power to activities such as public speaking. Even so, however, exhibiting influence over others through public speaking is one of the best ways to develop power over one’s self and over others.

As you speak in front of others they will come to recognize you and they will see you as a leader. This perception of you adds to your own power. It means that you will then have the ability to persuade and to impact other people’s thinking and emotions. There are few things more powerful than that.

Grow Your Ability To Influence Others

The fact is we all need the ability to influence others at different times. We want to influence our boss to give us a raise or a promotion, we need to influence our spouse when it comes to major decisions, and even our children need persuasion. Public speaking improves one’s ability to persuade others. This doesn’t just take place on stage but it will go beyond that into all aspects of your life. This is one of the major benefits of conquering the ability to perform public speaking.

Become An Expert

Public speaking will inherently have you seen as an expert on a particular topic. But the act of speaking about a topic and teaching about it will make you more of an expert on that topic. In fact, one of the best ways to learn is to teach something. It requires that you dig deeper and learn more so that you can express yourself in an engaging way. These are some of the many reasons that you should develop the skill of public speaking.