How to Stop Worrying about Forgetting What you Want to Say

Have you got a fear of forgetting important points in your presentation? This issue could mess up all your presentation in 3 means:

To relieve your worry you place whatever you want to say in your slides

You’re writing a script and read from this.

You devote the entire presentation stressing rather than connecting with your audience.

There’s an easy means of coping with this:

Get just one thing which is important to say. And then make it extremely hard for you to forget about saying it.

One and only thing which is really essential for you to say is referred to as the key message of the presentation. This tends to make life simpler for you simply because you know there’s just one thing you certainly need to say and so you’re less worried about failing to remember to say some other things. It’s also helpful for the audience for the reason that there’s just one thing they need to understand and keep in mind and this offers emphasis for the presentation.

How can you make it impossible to not saying it?

1. Intend to say the key message a number of times

Say The Key Message - How to Stop Worrying about Forgetting what you Want to Say

Intend to say the key message close to the start of the presentation, say it back during your presentation, and say it again towards the end. Then in case you skip over it by mistake at some point, you’ll be saying it somewhere else, so this won’t make any difference.

2. That repetition is likewise helpful for your listeners.

Conference Speaker - How to Stop Worrying about Forgetting what you Want to Say

Place the key message on the slide. Certainly, it’s fine to have a few words in the slide. And in case it’s one of the several slides having words on in your presentation, then it can help people in the audience to not forget about the words. Just in case you tend to forget to say the key message, they can see it in the slide. Thus it’s beneficial both for yourself as well as your audience.

Just A Warning: This is simply not a reason to place almost everything you need to say on the slide. When you place all the things you want to say on theslide, certainly nothing will stand out. This will no longer works.

How about the rest of the presentation

So surely, there’s more to your presentation than just simply the key message. However anything else that you would like to say is “nice-to-say” instead of “must-say”. Below are great tips to help you recall what you need to say.

Make use of notes

Speaker Notes Slides - How to Stop Worrying about Forgetting what you Want to Say

Notes help you to recall what you need to say. In case you are worried about missing something out, it seems sensible to get a few notes to help keep you on the right track. I find no shame in getting notes. In case you have a mind blank, notes are definitely the back-up which could get you started out again.


Rehearse - How to Stop Worrying about Forgetting what you Want to Say

Rehearsal is at all times beneficial. You have to rehearse the transitions in between your points. It is because you are more likely to miss something out if you’ve just done a point and are having difficulties thinking about what will come next.

Have a handout

Speaker Handouts - How to Stop Worrying about Forgetting what you Want to Say

You could let go of stressing about missing out on something by using a handout or website to direct people to. In case you forget to cover it they could look it up.

Right now you could concentrate on connecting along with your audience, instead of being constantly worried of missing something out.